Important Agency agreement signed between NEDAERO and Ásteron, for the exclusive sales of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes in Spain and Portugal (2.021)


NEDAERO develops and produces the Fiber Optic Rate Sensor FOG, a small palm of the hand-sized rate sensor. It provides turn rate for one rotational axis. The modular design allows a cost-effective realization of single or multiple sensing axis units.


NEDAERO has a family of 3 FOGs with all unique specifications.


The sensor is suitable for flight stabilization and attitude control of aircraft, helicopters, drones and missiles. Further application comprises Inertial Measurement Units and Navigation Systems. Other application examples comprise azimuth measurement of land vehicles, optics or antenna stabilization as well as high dynamical sensor platforms or other industrial purposes.

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1 NEDAERO-Fiber-Optic-Program-160920_Ast
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2 NEDAEROs-FOG-Family-150920_Spec_Astero
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Important agreement between and ITE & Ásteron (March 2019) The agreement aims to develop the Security and Defense market, both in the national and international markets, focused on Defense and Cybersecurity.

Important commercial agreement reach between Kentaurus & Ásteron to develop Spanish & International market in the Defence and Security sectors. 




Commercial agreement between Creata and Ásteron



CREATA has decide to get into the Spanish market with the help of Asteron.  We are proud to have the opportunity to drive Creata into the Spanish market.




driven by play

Simpler Europe´s Practitioners Conference in Coventry, UK. 8-9 November 2016

IBM Announces Plans to Acquire Truven Health Analytics, Simpler´s owner

IBM (Watson Health) has announced plans to acquire Truven Health Analytics, (owner of Simpler) a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare data, analytics and insights for $2.6 billion. Truven will bring more than 8,500 clients, including U.S. federal and state government agencies, employers, health plans, hospitals, clinicians and life sciences companies to the IBM Watson Health portfolio.

Simpler Europe´s Practitioners Conference in Barcelona, 2-4 November 2015

This event provides a unique opportunity for Simpler client practitioners to share lessons learned, collaborate on new ideas, and enhance their own improvement   leadership capabilities.

Codorníu Winery - San Sadurni d'Anoia

An interesting conference held by  Javier Pages, Codorníu´'s CEO and Simpler´s Customer where he explain his experience with Simpler:

“Turn your Strategy into Action“

We also visited the Winery, had dinner and an interesting wine testing.

Presence at DSEI exhibition (15-18 september)


Asteron has been present at the London DSEI exibition (15-18 september of 2015)

Presence at MSPO exhibition (1-4 Sep 2015)

 Ásteron, in conjunction with Anortec, will be present at the Polish MSPO exhibition. We want to reinforce our international activities and show our products to east countries representatives.

Important agreement signed with Simpler

Ásteron has reach to an agreement with Simpler, american consulting firm own by Truven Health Analytics, with the purpose of join develop the Iberian market. 

We reinforce Simpler´s strong points:


1.     Simpler Value Proposition:  Turn Your Strategy Into Action with a proven methodology Simpler Business System, SBSRto increase enterprise value 


2.     Simpler Business System methodology: 

  • reView         Due Diligence - Pre & Post Acquisition Diagnostics / Business Transformation Planning 
  • reThink       Turn Strategy Into Action / CEO and Leadership engagement & coaching / Strategy Deployment 
  • reBuild        Simpler support your Business Transformation with very experienced Senior Consultants and have different “products” to support the wide enterprise                       transformation: reFlow, reDesign, reSourcing, reSupply
1 Simpler Introduction and Capabilities
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Ásteron signs agreement with the Spanish Gas Gas


On the 17 of October at the headquarters of GAS GAS, it has been signed the commercial agreement between GAS GAS Motors y Asteron. The agreement´s main goal is to develop the Security & Defense sector in Spain and abroad.


GAS GAS, a Spanish company with more than 28 years in the market. It is a leader at the TRIAL & ENDURO Motorcycle sector, present in more than 50 countries and has the factory in Spain.


Ásteron, a consultant company specialize in the Security and Defense sector, their majority of customers are SME Spanish Industrial companies with important export plans. 

Comercial agreement... -

Ásteron and GasGas... -

Presence at AUSA exhibition (21-23 October 2013)


Ásteron, in conjunction with Anortec, will be present at AUSA exhibition in Washington,  to be held from the 21th-23th of Oct. We want to reinforce our international activities and prepair the actions to be taken to work at the American Market

Presence at DSEI exhibition (10-13 Sep 2013)


Ásteron, in conjunction with Anortec, will be present at DSEI exhibition in London,  to be held from the 10th-13th of Sept. We want to reinforce our international activities.

Presence at MSPO exhibition (2-5 Sep 2013)


Ásteron, in conjunction with Anortec, will be present at the Polish MSPO exhibition, to be held from the 2th-5th of Sept. We want to reinforce our international activities.

Presence at IDEX exhibition

Ásteron, in conjunction with Anortec, has been at the IDEX 2013 Exhibition, in Abu Dhabi. We have reinforced e our commercial activity in the Middle East.

Agreement between Anortec and Ásteron

 On December 20, 2011, at the offices of Sant Quirze del Valles of Anortec, we proceeded to the signing of a collaboration agreement between Anortec and Asteron. This agreement aims to develop the main export market for the products of Security, Defence and Aeronautics Anortec, company with over 35 years of specializing in engineering projects from conception to manufacture and maintenance.

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